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  2. shablinsky


    what’s the right combo for the socket bonus options on this serv? thank you..
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  4. Guest


  5. shablinsky

    penta shop

    same problem with penta shop, please fix
  6. skyring

    penta shop

    Hi, when will penta shop work?
  7. Earlier
  8. Don't worry man πŸ˜„ I am waiting since server start. All what we have is just a little hope. Good luck in game!
  9. skyring

    cant use warp

    didnt notice i dont have .. it's ok now/... sorry for disturbing.. more power to you sir!!! salute!!
  10. its been a 2 week from now but i dont see any BETA Update or any news i know your busy but a lot of people waiting for the s16 beta i know your busy all of us busy Thank u for understanding Active player/ Active forum
  11. Hello, As i see in the database you currently have 65k ZEN. The lowest price for teleport from the list above is 200K. Please make sure you have the required minimum ammount and if it still doesn't work please private message me. Best regards, Sovereign
  12. maybe your character don't have enough zen
  13. cant do warp shows all map red even level 400 happen only on my Empire Lord (DarkCloud) ss below
  14. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion, for me it was quite clear that it reffer to the resets, and not grand resets. But if it causes confusion we'll update that. Best regards, Sovereign
  15. chaemp05

    Jewel of Kondar

    No, it only works on Ancient Set, Set Items and Excellent Items!
  16. Hello Masonia Staff, I think you need to update your website statistics! Because lots of new players are always confused, because of suddenly stats burn after getting grand reset!
  17. skyring

    Jewel of Kondar

    Hi, Newbie here on your server.. just want to ask is stat of Jewel of kondar will applied on any Socketed items?
  18. Hi did GR today after that i got coins but my stat reset back? is this normal? thanks
  19. ber901

    News and Updates

    that was a very very good news for everyone whos staying in the server and whos loyal active player lets have a good days all players almost there
  20. Sovereign

    News and Updates

    Hello, At the end of the next week (probably friday or saturday) i'll upload the client for the beta test version for season XVI. After the beta will be concluded in one week the final version will be up. Afterwards i hope that the Season XVI P2-2 will be deployed in 2 months depending on the stability of the available files.
  21. chaemp05

    News and Updates

    Hello,. GM's and Admin's πŸ˜€ Any news on the season 16 beta test and what's the new features on the season 16?πŸ€” and when will be the beta test for season 16?😎 We are already excited: 🀩 Thank You Mazonia Staffs for not giving up on us, Good Luck, More Power to you all and take good care of yourselves always.🀩 Hope it will be sooner, πŸ˜‡ i am looking forward for the updates. 😘GO GO GO Goo. . . . Season 16.😍
  22. napalmwolf

    Change password

    Gm/admin can you pls tell how to change password. Ty for answering very much appreciated.
  23. Guest

    Hi I know your busy

    Can u do me a favor can u give me boots Slayer in the Ruud shop thank u so excited this coming weeks for beta tester Zz11 my ign loyal/active member/active game
  24. Ok. First of all this grand reset system is a quite known system on many servers. Basically you start at a low reset count requirement and low reward and as you make more grand resets the number of resets required increases, but also the reward will increase accordingly to the number of grand resets that you have. It is also a common misconception on how this system works, that if you have double number of resets you should get 2 grand resets. This is false. The system resets your stats once not twice as it should have with 2 grand resets. The problem that you are explaining is basically "I want to abuse the system in order to make more grand resets without losing my stats everytime, which equals as a "bug exploit" I belive i have been quite clear on the explanations. Best regards, Sovereign
  25. Hello, For this issue you need to equip a pentagram. the monsters in the picture are elemental type monsters, and can only be damaged by elemental damage which comes from the pentagram. You need to farm Acheron to equip yourself with a pentagram, or buy a beginner pentagram from lorencia bar (throw it in any other map than lorencia. it won't drop in lorencia because of the skin)
  26. Hi. I noticed another problem. If my character had 54 resets then why am I only 1 Greset when I can do 1 Greset at 20 resets. After restoring, I became 1 grand reset instead of 2. in the game he took the Master skills and the points earned !!! In vain is Master Slayer my character if the monsters are as bad as a 0 level character and he still develops. some errors slipped in the settings ???? Because this type of setting is a bit interesting and even discourages players from this game. not that the character would be stronger back to zero and start over. What is the point of this ?? Wcoins are also only 11500 more which you get for 1 Greset
  27. Hi ! I want to ask for your help. unfortunately i can't do the 4 class mission because in vain is 400 base lvl and 400 master lvl my character doesn't hurt monsters. I want you to help me continue the game
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