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  3. bukaj66


    Why can't I buy a VIP? when I try to do so it redirects me to the main page. This way you can't even exp when the / reset command only works on the VIP channel
  4. Hello, Solved. Thread closed!
  5. Admin

    GM Please help

    Hello, Please tell me your character name where you want me to move it I apologize for the delay, as he says @bukaj66 we are very busy with season 16. Best regards
  6. bukaj66

    GM Please help

    working on a new update. Give them time will definitely help you solve your problem 🙂
  7. Any GM on? Nowbody can help me?
  8. Hy and Happy New Year Please help me with some wings from XShop, i buy todai at 14:58 from x shop wings of conqueror and i didnt know that i can't put in stash(my mistake) Please help to put in stash i want to use for another Character ,now i hawe it on IancuDeHD and i want to use on another char because ihawe Wing for DL . Thaks a lot, i expect an answer from you
  9. Earlier
  10. We will sort this issue out on the upcoming season. We’ll make sure to post an info about the grand reset system so that it won’t cause any more concerns. Best regards, MasoniaMU Team
  11. No, i didn't wont it, only that after GR to hvae some stats and take resets more rapidly, but... And i dont find info about that after GR don't give some stats... !
  12. Yes, 10k coins for 20 res, but for over 60 that burn? Why don't have option for choose how much res i want, i pressed GR with 80 res, after i losses all res. For over players, need to be announced this thing. On other servers dont burn all res, only as needed for GR. Thanks for understanding and i hope over will not be in such situation
  13. Guest


    please fix it asap for no boots of bloodangel for slayer at ruud shop,and fix the bat flock
  14. Guest


    why no blood angel boots at priest james? please fix and bat flock was not working please fix it admin asap
  15. everything is bad that doesn't suit you.
  16. just as a slaughterer can have 3.6M dmg can have 2m BM HP so stop crying here good bye 🙂
  17. When will you guys remove Blade Master's HP buff? Or when will you guys make everyone with 2mil HP? Or when will you remove reflect seeds?
  18. Going to 66 resets and hoping to get 3 GR won't work.
  19. Do you receive 10k Coins as reward?
  20. Hi, i'm take GR, but i take coin only for 20 reset, over 60 lose, and don't have stats after GR. I don't find info about GR, that over reset burn without reward. If so not a bug, please create a topic with info about GR.
  21. Dear Friends, With 2020 now gone in some parts of the world we would like to welcome 2021 by wishing you a Happy New Year, and happy holidays along your family, friends and loved ones, and may the best things happen to you in the upcoming year. We would like to thank you for being here and supporting us, either by just playing or by reporting bugs and issues with the server. You are our MvP’s and we would try our best to exceed your expectations. Best Regards, Sovereign & Cerberus!
  22. Hello, The game client doesn’t show some values that exceeds 65535. That is why you see a “decrease” in value as it resets and counts again from 0. This is purely a visual glitch you can check if it works by using the same skill on the same monster and you should see that with the attack rate increase bonus you will kill it much faster.
  23. Hi. I found a weird bug or idk whats that exactly. When I equip my swords, my attack rate decrease lol and I am not sure if it affect my attack rate because I see no dmg difference when I hit a mob or player. Check here few prints. Without swords I have 60k attack rate and with them I got 15k wtf
  24. Guest

    Season 16

    Dear administration, it's been a week and a half since you promised to give information about season 16. Terrible irresponsibility on your part towards the players.
  25. Hi, For the moment we are still working on it, maybe in a week we'll be ready. We want to check everything to make sure it works before coming with the update.
  26. when will the update be You promised to tell a long time ago ?
  27. Hello, The system will be available after we finish up the update to season 16. Best Regards, MasoniaMU Team
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