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  1. minik4

    Ertel level up!!!

    still going good🤣
  2. When buy mulah pile 10 , it gives u mulah pile 100
  3. minik4

    Ertel level up!!!

    i used but it's the same fail..fail , and it will add another 50k mulah for talismans
  4. minik4

    Ertel level up!!!

    When will u fix ratings for combinations it's driving nuts , spent 50k+ mulah only on Elemental runes (to see how Ertel goes to +7 with fail and then 6 times in row to +1)😕😕
  5. minik4

    xshop gift

    NVM , that was buff for beginners🤦‍♂️
  6. minik4

    xshop gift

    cant receive gift form other players (have allot free space)
  7. minik4

    Gens ranking rewards

    When will it update...
  8. minik4

    Gens rankings

    Update gens , half of ranks are missing and remove/update elite ashy bloody witch queen spawn/respawn (have seen her only once in ashen aida in month time) or add new missions Change rewards 🙄
  9. minik4

    ghost hors

    I guess u must be hella lucky to make ur damned hors +11 , spend a lot mulah and hors+1 does it work's correctly >? 🤦‍♂️
  10. can't remove it , help 😫
  11. add ruud skills in xshop or itemshop
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