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  1. madalin198


    this server its dead no time to waste here essicek1
  2. Where can i fiind Elite Guardian Upgrade Stone? At moss i cant get at least one..
  3. madalin198

    Golden Fenrir

    I buy golden fenrir and now its expired....
  4. I see that the number of players its dropping every day. Should i still play? I dont want a dbrr or another starting. So what will be?
  5. Where can i fiin Divine Staff of Archangel? i made invasion, play at moss, i search in item shop...no chance to get one. Can u put in item shop?
  6. maybe u can fix this i want to add to my radiance errtel bastion and i get absorb shield. if i select any other option stil absorb shield i get.
  7. Please update the erarings rate on chaos combination cuz i lost 25k mulah and i dont rise up normal earings to +11.
  8. It will be cool that every gr to give some dmg,defense, hp, sd boost or some unique pets.
  9. madalin198


    This will be nice.
  10. I think 150 rr for a gr its resonable. The teleport party i think its oke. I hate to teleport every char manualy. For me its not a problem this.
  11. madalin198

    Dark Stone

    i fiind it finally sry for this post..
  12. madalin198

    Dark Stone

    Dark stone bk quest its not in shop. I try to make marlon quest..and this item refuse to drop..
  13. madalin198

    Config Sever

    I wonder if someone from masonia mu staff knows how to config a s17 mu server? There are better server than this... This wanna be a fun server. Right? So a fun server have reset rewards wc + ruud + gp, have a gr system, have a high rate on chaos machine, chars have huge attacks speed (not like here 32k agi gives 180 atk speed), ruud spells in shops, jwls in shop, w3 at least in shop and much more... At grand opening servers have at least 100 ppl online. I will stop here. I will quit this server, i am verry dissapointed, i wait this server to open i get verry dissapointed. Sry for my bad language. Have fun!!
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