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  1. thegenesis

    Gold Lion

    My gold lion died from normal mobs in nixie lake. it even came from donate. please do something about it. ign: Bathala
  2. sir @Admin I also bought 3x harmony pass and it didnt arrive
  3. so I really was mislead by the webstore when it said that it is automated
  4. then the web store info is misleading me. it says there that items are added automatically upon purchasing
  5. i bought angel and devil wings and it still hasnt come. it's been 1 hour now since i bought it
  6. thegenesis

    Item Drop

    No. The ones listed arent available for upgrade. u just get them as they are
  7. thegenesis

    Item Drop

    its not in the item shop
  8. thegenesis

    Item Drop

    where can I find the ff: Magma spear, Blast break, Horn of steel, Spite staff, Ambition shield I've been farming raklion/selupan for days and never saw them
  9. thegenesis

    web store

    hello gm. webstore is not automatic. i bought ghost horse fo from web shop and its not in my gremory case. ign Thanatos
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