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  1. Hola Luis, acabo de comprar VIP para una cuenta y todo funciona bien. Disculpa que no sepa que clase de problema tengas, como para poder darte una solucion.
  2. Quizás yo no entienda acerca de Mu Online, pero tampoco pedí tu opinión.
  3. Bueno, despues de la paliza que les metio @essicek1 yo tampoco los he visto otra vez. Suelo levelear en sv3 pero de vez en cuando me doy una vuelta por sv1 para darles por su madre y no los encuentro.
  4. Essiseck1: I don't want you to leave the server, but everyone is free to make their own decisions. To stop macro users we clearly need a CheatGuard, which leads to a financial expense and attention to be able to configure and maintain it, which would imply that the server is more "pay to win". On many servers from older seasons, even the best CheatGuard could be useless. I add, I understand that the updated files for a server are usually purchased, so I think that if there will be an update, it could take a long time (and more with the last fix that there was). xtluis1: Alguna vez jugaste un S16 Ultimate Edition? Tiene millones de cosas, incluso eventos activos. Sabes cuanto tiempo duran esos servers? con suerte, casi un año. Creo entender, que los eventos se mantienen inactivos por dos cosas: Error de configuracion o Mejora de rendimiento del server. Ojalá los abran, pero este server claramente esta dedicado al farmeo y el pvp, lo que excluye la mayoria de eventos (Ni siquiera el chaos castle esta acivo)
  5. Well, now he lost some time, even using macros. Idk, maybe we should get some fun doing this more times. Sadly, I was there with 32K of STR and 308 of STA but that was a hella of fun!
  6. No vas a encontrar a nadie Full porque la mayoria hace GR y no compra stats XD
  7. @essicek1 I am agree with you. But I don`t want left the game for a couple of cheaters. Perhaps sv3 has low spawn rate, but my little monkeys don`t have to suffer abuse from some idiots, plus, I can make many reset though smooth.
  8. Just another powerless boy in Mu online (this KNIGHT). Anyway @ashcr0w why you dont levelup in sv3? Just until you where stronger to beat up his ass.
  9. dovax

    Ambition Shield

    Does anyone know how to get or if there is the Ambition shield for DL?I've searched everywhere for it, and even discovered that where it should appear there is another shield in its place. Does anyone know why? Thank you.
  10. dovax

    master reset ?

    Hi! there is no Scroll of oblivion for that. If you need or want you can buy some points in the account panel in website.
  11. Hi, we all in server have the same problem. We only can do is wait for the fix to this. I highly recommended you to do not give your personal info in a post like that.
  12. Quien los conoce "LATINOS"? Erradiquen a los latinos del server xD
  13. Todavia nada. Ni el GR ni el Item shop.
  14. dovax

    Servidor Cayo?

    Ya volvio!!! Ni hablar, no es tiempo perdido.
  15. dovax

    que hago

    Los puntos para Stats (STR-AGI-ENE-VIT-CMD) SI se borran. Los puntos para Master y Majestic, NO se borran. Obviamente, si el GR borra stats, tambien va a borrar los comprados.
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