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  1. When will you guys remove Blade Master's HP buff? Or when will you guys make everyone with 2mil HP? Or when will you remove reflect seeds?
  2. Going to 66 resets and hoping to get 3 GR won't work.
  3. rhappy

    Socket seeds.

    Nevermind, I was just stupid. You can delete this thread.
  4. rhappy

    Gemstone refiner

    I just opened Channel 1 Refinery, have at it.
  5. rhappy

    Gemstone refiner

    I think it was something like.... need to kill the Nightmare boss to open the Refinery map teleport?
  6. rhappy

    Gemstone refiner

  7. You can move it around, like to the bottom right of your window.
  8. It's because of your Raven. Don't use the Raven to attack, it won't give self defense then.
  9. When can we buy skill and stat points from website?
  10. rhappy

    Socket seeds.

    Do you plan on keeping the socket seeds as nerfed as they are?
  11. rhappy

    Ultimate Wings.

    Firstly, Ultimate Wings cost 100k, while level 4 wings cost 130k. People can get Ultimate Wings before 4th wings, lol. Secondly, it's the blue add-on stats, that are not showing the right add-ons. Those 4 blue lines at the end need to be changed to the right ones. Xshop shows them wrong as well. (Picture added) Thirdly, it really needs to be written in Xshop description, that they're only for 30 days, cannot be traded nor put in bank.
  12. Increase life recovery 6%, should give 12%. Ignore enemy defense 6%, should give 12%. Increases double chance 6%, should give 15%. Doesn't give return damage at all, should give 10%. Xshop description said nothing about them being for 30 days only and cannot be traded. Not sure if that was meant to be like that.
  13. Earring set bonus only gives 2% ignore defense and 5 stat points. While it should give 4% ignore defense and 1000 stat points.
  14. rhappy

    Bonus Coins.

    How can we get Bonus Coins here?
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