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  1. Hi. I found a weird bug or idk whats that exactly. When I equip my swords, my attack rate decrease lol and I am not sure if it affect my attack rate because I see no dmg difference when I hit a mob or player. Check here few prints. Without swords I have 60k attack rate and with them I got 15k wtf
  2. Deneky

    Divine Archangel

    Hi. Where drop divine archangel items like sword/staf/etc... ?
  3. Deneky

    Gemstone refiner

    Problem solved. Thanks
  4. Deneky

    Gemstone refiner

    Im not that noob dude but when I go inside there, the map is different from the video, is a empty black map lol
  5. Deneky

    Gemstone refiner

    Hello. Where to find the gemstone refiner machine ? I was in Relics but that spot was empty...
  6. Deneky

    Move bug

    Still in lorena market.
  7. Deneky

    Move bug

    Hello. I am stuck in loren market with lvl 6 and cant even more lorencia with portal because I need lvl 10. Please help me out. Char: Deneky
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