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  1. Hi, I've reloaded the monsters in all three servers. It should spawn now
  2. Sovereign

    Slayer Boots

    Hi, I've added a pair of boots in your vault. Please tell me more about your issue with the 4th quest. In other areas does your character make elemental damage? Or it's just in this particular case?
  3. Sovereign

    cant use warp

    Hello, As i see in the database you currently have 65k ZEN. The lowest price for teleport from the list above is 200K. Please make sure you have the required minimum ammount and if it still doesn't work please private message me. Best regards, Sovereign
  4. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion, for me it was quite clear that it reffer to the resets, and not grand resets. But if it causes confusion we'll update that. Best regards, Sovereign
  5. Sovereign

    News and Updates

    Hello, At the end of the next week (probably friday or saturday) i'll upload the client for the beta test version for season XVI. After the beta will be concluded in one week the final version will be up. Afterwards i hope that the Season XVI P2-2 will be deployed in 2 months depending on the stability of the available files.
  6. Sovereign

    In game font problem

    Ok. First of all this grand reset system is a quite known system on many servers. Basically you start at a low reset count requirement and low reward and as you make more grand resets the number of resets required increases, but also the reward will increase accordingly to the number of grand resets that you have. It is also a common misconception on how this system works, that if you have double number of resets you should get 2 grand resets. This is false. The system resets your stats once not twice as it should have with 2 grand resets. The problem that you are explaining is basically "I want to abuse the system in order to make more grand resets without losing my stats everytime, which equals as a "bug exploit" I belive i have been quite clear on the explanations. Best regards, Sovereign
  7. Sovereign

    In game font problem

    Hello, For this issue you need to equip a pentagram. the monsters in the picture are elemental type monsters, and can only be damaged by elemental damage which comes from the pentagram. You need to farm Acheron to equip yourself with a pentagram, or buy a beginner pentagram from lorencia bar (throw it in any other map than lorencia. it won't drop in lorencia because of the skin)
  8. Sovereign

    Hi how are u guys

    Hello, in aproximatively 7-10 days a beta test server will be up. Stay tuned for more details .
  9. Hello everyone, The forum registering procedure is fixed as of this moment. To register a new account on the forum you must follow the next steps. Before following the guide below, please make sure that you have been connected ingame in the last 48 hours. It's a measure made by us in order to prevent bots and spammers to register on our forum. Step 1-Login on the website with your game account, and press the yellow text "Activate your forum account" Step 2- Press activate on the page that you have been redirected to: Step 3. Login on the forum using your ingame account and password.
  10. Sovereign

    Slayer Boots?

    Hello, Added to your character inventory, Please check. Best regards, Sovereign!
  11. Hello, My colleague is working on the matter, it's been a sort of "communication" issue between the website and forum.
  12. Hello, We'll make sure the rates will be according to the description as soon as possible.
  13. Hello, First of all we will re-check the benefits from the VIP Section list to ensure proper functionality On another hand the errtel rank up is not part of the "chaos machine rate increase" since they belong to the elemental upgrade system, a system not covered by the benefits. Nonetheless we shall increase the rates there. The power buff is for season XVI, and we do apologise for misleading you about it. Best regards, Sovereign
  14. Hello, Please tell me more details since i couldn't find an issue here. Does it happen on specific channels, specific maps? Like when you are in crywolf and try to move from channel 1 to channel 3, etc?
  15. Sovereign

    Server down?

    Hello, We have checked on our side and no issues have been detected. Please check your internet connection, firewall and your antivirus. it may have been updated and is actively blocking the connection
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