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  1. Sovereign

    Bali o Bail

    Hi, Why would you need to test characters damage? Are you unsure about what character to create, or do you believe there are issues involving the characters?
  2. Hi, 3 Harmony passes have been added to your account
  3. Sovereign

    vip fail

    What's the exact issue? I have tested the function right now, and it works ok
  4. Hi, The wings have been added to your account. We are really sorry about this, and we are trying our best to fix it ASAP. The system usually works, but sometimes it doesn't, and we're really trying to figure out the main issue. Thanks for your support
  5. Hi, I'll check it out, and see what's the issue about
  6. Of course it is possible, it just depends of your luck, if you still encounter issues, we’ll check to see if something’s not working right
  7. Normal Dragon (blue) to pierce lion (blue)
  8. We'll check the issue and solve it as soon as possible. Please note that it may take a day or two to fix it.
  9. Sovereign

    Exp items

    We'll review your request and come back with an answer to your request Thank you!
  10. He requires a fire dragon+11 and a Pierce Lion (Rare) Seal. Not the one from the X-Shop. It is only available on website
  11. Sovereign


    It has to be ancient for the combination to work
  12. Sovereign


    Just add your slayer ancient manticore item and it will swap for your class. if you only add the main ingredient the server automatically selects the first item that fits the recipe. It will always show a knight item if you do not add your class specific item
  13. Sovereign


    Hi, Can you be more specific, or show a printscreen? please use google translate, or write in your own language what is the issue so we can better understand each other.
  14. Hi, Sometimes it takes longer for the website to confirm the purchase and add the product to your account. We are working on the issue, but don't worry, you'll always get your product. Thank you for supporting us in developing this soon to be amazing community!
  15. Hi, It's normal for the Mastery Sets to outrun the socket variant, because it's the way webzen meant to. However we will check the values to see if it's not too big of a difference. About the HP issue, please tell me what did you equip. 2 Swords, or just one and a shield? And what buffs did you use. You must take into account that using a shield grants you a bigger HP value than equipping 2 swords
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