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  1. Hello, Please check now, your character should be in lorencia bar
  2. What bug? Stuck in arena? Cannot teleport to arena?
  3. Hi, Check now please. your character should be in lorencia bar.
  4. Hello, Solved. Thread closed!
  5. We will sort this issue out on the upcoming season. We’ll make sure to post an info about the grand reset system so that it won’t cause any more concerns. Best regards, MasoniaMU Team
  6. Dear Friends, With 2020 now gone in some parts of the world we would like to welcome 2021 by wishing you a Happy New Year, and happy holidays along your family, friends and loved ones, and may the best things happen to you in the upcoming year. We would like to thank you for being here and supporting us, either by just playing or by reporting bugs and issues with the server. You are our MvP’s and we would try our best to exceed your expectations. Best Regards, Sovereign & Cerberus!
  7. Hello, The game client doesn’t show some values that exceeds 65535. That is why you see a “decrease” in value as it resets and counts again from 0. This is purely a visual glitch you can check if it works by using the same skill on the same monster and you should see that with the attack rate increase bonus you will kill it much faster.
  8. Hi, For the moment we are still working on it, maybe in a week we'll be ready. We want to check everything to make sure it works before coming with the update.
  9. Hello, The system will be available after we finish up the update to season 16. Best Regards, MasoniaMU Team
  10. Sovereign

    Socket seeds.

    Hi, No, the socket system will undergo modifications to make it stronger.
  11. Sovereign

    Move bug

    Now i'ts definitely solved
  12. Hello, This issue is solved in the upcoming update. Best regards, Sovereign
  13. Hello, We have configured them this way to make a balance between players. The wings at their default stats are making one OP, while the others who won't afford the wings will have a disadvantage by playing with level 4 wings.
  14. Hello, Please help us with some info about when it happened aproximatively, and what earring it was.
  15. Sovereign

    Move bug

    Solved, You should be in Lorencia bar now.
  16. Hi, i understood your problem, and we’ll check out why they dissapear suddenly.
  17. Sovereign


    Hello, We are currently working on the new Season XVI with some unique features. As for the current state of the server we will make necessary modifications in order to create a better enviroment. We have acknowledged the players suggestions and complaints, and are currently being implemented in the new version. After the update we will recruit some GM's so they can assist you and also make ingame events. We are deeply sorry for this situation, but for now we have little to nothing to change on this version. That would only delay the update.
  18. Hello, Ambition shield will drop in Raklion's Boss, Selupan. I've checked the files and made sure to be there Best Regards, Sovereign
  19. Sovereign

    PvP balance.

    Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We really feel sorry for making you feel this way, but we really appreciate your feedback since it gives us the opportunity for changes. With the upcoming update to season XVI we will change our strategy about the ingame grinding system and PvM, also we will improve our PvP system to a point where we can make peace in both camps. However all the changes that we do here require feedback from you, the players, so we can understand how good we are in your eyes. Best regards, Sovereign
  20. Hello, We won't add the inventory clear command and the reason is because it clears ALL of your items, including the ones equiped on you. Many players won't see our info about this and we will be filled with complaints about all of their gear dissapearing. Best regards, Sovereign
  21. Sovereign

    Is it a bug?

    Hi, Problem has been solved, an update will be made automatically from the client so that issue won't repeat itself in the future.
  22. Sovereign

    Is it a bug?

    Hi, I’ll solve this issue first thing in the morning. I am at work now. In 6 hours make sure to have the boots in vault so i can change them, and i’ll fix the issue in the mix combination. Best regards, Sovereign
  23. Hi, First of all we can’t promise anything because we had some issues with this item on the current version. we’ll check to see if it’s ok at the update to season XVI.
  24. Hi, Jewel has been added to Raklion drop. You gotta' work for it. Best regards, Sovereign
  25. Hello, Issue solved, you can now warp to scorched canyon
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