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  1. On 1/6/2021 at 4:11 PM, rhappy said:

    Going to 66 resets and hoping to get 3 GR won't work.

    No, i didn't wont it, only that after GR to hvae some stats and take resets more rapidly, but... And i dont find info about that after GR don't give some stats... !

  2. Yes, 10k coins for 20 res, but for over 60 that burn?

    Why don't have option for choose how much res i want, i pressed GR with 80 res, after i losses all res.

    For over players, need to be announced this thing. On other servers dont burn all res, only as needed for GR.

    Thanks for understanding and i hope over will not be in such situation

  3. Hi, i'm take GR, but i take coin only for 20 reset, over 60 lose, and don't have stats after GR.

    I don't find info about GR, that over reset burn without reward. 

    If so not a bug, please create a topic with info about GR.

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