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  1. kazuyaryuu


    GM/ADMIN is it bug?? im losing coins per hour i think. Last time i check my coins are down by 100.
  2. kazuyaryuu

    its lost time?

    i hope there's no wipe off account in s16.
  3. GM/ADMIN can you help me my D commands don't work pressing anything don't seem to work.
  4. kazuyaryuu

    penta shop

    gm/admin penta shop is open but nothing for sale.
  5. kazuyaryuu


    gm/admin sorry for this post there is nothing wrong with the PPL pls ignore/remove this post!😭🙏
  6. kazuyaryuu


    GM/ADMIN points per level is down by half can you fix this?
  7. kazuyaryuu

    clear inventory

    /clearevent bro
  8. Hi GM and Admins! I just have a suggestion about DS and Kundun can you change the HP of the illusion and Kundun. just slightly lower hp of illusion and make kundun hp same as selupan . And can you add Spite Staff in socketed mastery for Dark Wizard! Thanks if you are ok about my suggestions. and love the game sir.more power to masonia server
  9. sorry gm pls disregard my last message
  10. where do i pm you sir? ign sir is Kazuya
  11. Hello whenever i use it monster and in all maps. everytime i use combo skill
  12. Hi I was wondering if the cyclone sword skill is bugged coz whenever i use it i gut flung across the map and got stucked sometimes. tnx for answering
  13. its 60K for 7 days bruh i got baited by the price too!😁
  14. PvP server has arena too FYI
  15. kazuyaryuu

    GR stats?

    I just GR my MG but all my stats goes back? Is it normal?
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