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  1. hello admin, can you please activate the penta shop or item shop so people/player's in this server can buy the items that we all badly needed so we can enjoy the game. thank you
  2. Ferea Boss at S1 and S3 is not respawning and Darkness Boss as well.
  3. maybe your character don't have enough zen
  4. you need VIP access to use that command at S3
  5. Thank you so much for the updates and I really appreciated everything. I am charmed with this game and I am excited to try the new test server. Keep up the awesome work you do and more power. Always, BL00M
  6. I just want to know if we are keeping our accounts or are you going to wipe out again all accounts every time a major update or new version of season like S16? Because if YES therefore it is a waste of our time playing. I do love playing this server. /BL00M
  7. linxsilver

    its lost time?

    I am also hoping that not a single account will be wipe out again every time there is a new version of season, because on S15 we have to register again. I haven't been playing like I use to because I am waiting for admin answer on Aioria concerns. If we have to register again on S16 then most of the old players will not play on this server that is a fact, but there is always new players. Keeping my fingers crossed that all our worries and concerns is not going to happen and that we can still keep our accounts and character's for the new version of the season 16.
  8. linxsilver

    penta shop

    i cannot access the penta shop. https://www.masoniamu.com/shop.html
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