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  1. shmavee

    PvP balance.

    Hi Rhappy, Shmav here. Unfortunately the server configuration is a big mess. I stopped playing because on this server you'll get rewarded by "playing less". Meaning the only meaningful thing for equip grind is just go around and kill bosses and gold monsters. Guy with 0 reset althought full stats is going around with full equip after 2 days since the initial start - this should be unacceptable. MU was always about grinding which in reward gave you the opportunity to kill high lvl monsters. This is unfortunately very hard to balance in high exp server but as I said earlier - rewarding players for "playing less" is just so dumb. Hopefuly this will be somehow fixed in the future and I also think the new S16 should have wipe. I could agree that this was some sort of test server and getting the configuration ready for S16. Have a nice day Regards Shmav
  2. Hi, I have bought Angel wings with full opt + elemental def (+193) and elemental dmg (+195%) but the elemental dmg is not % but only 195...
  3. True but reset requirements for GR is increasing too. Its pretty bad how if you go kill bosses you can get up to 40-50k WC per HOUR right know...
  4. I take it back. All the ancient options work even from 1 lvl. You can close the thread. Thanks.
  5. Hello, BloodAngel set LVL requirement is 400 but you cannot wear it even if you have 400 ML. To wear the set you need to be 400 LVL. So ML has no effect on it.. This is bug and should be fixed otherwise BloodAngel and other RUUD sets are irelevant... Thanks Regards Shmav
  6. Hi, It seems that maximum experience (after 4th quest = for 801 lvl) the maximum experience you get from monster is 7 624 155. I have tested this in arena / ferea / cubera mine / deep dungeon and also Nixie. Ferea gives lower exp per mob = 5 467 608. This is a bug that should be fixed. Going from 800 to 801 in arena (mobs with lowest HP = fastest clear) will take approximately 4 hours. This means that 4th quest ML is not possible to do.. Thank you Regards Shmav
  7. shmavee

    Hero soul

    Hi, Would you add hero soul to Xshop? Thanks
  8. Hi, Do these keys even drop?
  9. Hi, After the recent update, you cannot port to maps according your ML. For example if you have 50ml you cant even go to Devias 3 after reset. This should be fixed. It worked before the update. Thanks Regards Shmav
  10. shmavee

    RUUD farm

    Hi, Thank you for the reply.
  11. shmavee

    Are ML deleted after GR?

    Hi, Thank you for quick answer. Does this also mean that ML stays the same as well as points? Or is ML deleted and points stay? Regards Shmav
  12. shmavee

    /gpost function

    Thank you 🙂
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