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  1. chaemp05

    Jewel of Kondar

    No, it only works on Ancient Set, Set Items and Excellent Items!
  2. Hello Masonia Staff, I think you need to update your website statistics! Because lots of new players are always confused, because of suddenly stats burn after getting grand reset!
  3. chaemp05

    News and Updates

    Hello,. GM's and Admin's 😀 Any news on the season 16 beta test and what's the new features on the season 16?🤔 and when will be the beta test for season 16?😎 We are already excited: 🤩 Thank You Mazonia Staffs for not giving up on us, Good Luck, More Power to you all and take good care of yourselves always.🤩 Hope it will be sooner, 😇 i am looking forward for the updates. 😘GO GO GO Goo. . . . Season 16.😍
  4. I heard that there is no wipe out on season 16! So everything will stay as it is, like our items, pentagrams, accessories, wings, and specially wcoins? yes or no? if "yes", Thank You so much. if "no", please specify things that will be change on the game. Thank you. Your Loyal Player: Hashtag
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