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  1. skyring

    BloodAngel incomplete set

    already gave you my slayer BA boots ^_^
  2. Hi, Hello again sir Sovereign want to inform you that Cent is missing in 4th Quest. some other player is asking for help too thanks and more power.
  3. Cent is not showing in 4th quest .. pleas fix Sir Sovereign
  4. skyring

    Slayer Boots

    thank you so much sir.. everything is good now.. one last thing.. where do i get errtel here.. having issue farming wind radiance i need to create bastion and punish on wind errtel but having hard time to farm it.. thanks and hope this server will be up and back to normal again..
  5. skyring

    Slayer Boots

    still no damage on monster when doing 4th
  6. skyring

    Slayer Boots

    Hi Sovereign, My Slayer do damage in elemental in Acheron but when doing 4th quest no damage at all on the monster. sorry for the late reply. Salute and more power
  7. skyring

    Slayer Boots

    Hi Sir Sovereign, another issue also can do 4th quest for Slayer no damage at all even wearing +15 darkness penta. Elemental attack power still same 802 -1085 even it's already +15 can you help me sir.. thank you and really appreciate it. ps: forget the slayer boots just fix for me to do 4th quest. IGN: Rana SALUTE!!!
  8. skyring

    Slayer Boots

    Hi, is there a way or where i can buy slayer boots? IGN: Rana Thanks so much Admin and more power. Salute!! thanks
  9. skyring

    penta shop

    Hi, when will penta shop work?
  10. skyring

    cant use warp

    didnt notice i dont have .. it's ok now/... sorry for disturbing.. more power to you sir!!! salute!!
  11. cant do warp shows all map red even level 400 happen only on my Empire Lord (DarkCloud) ss below
  12. skyring

    Jewel of Kondar

    Hi, Newbie here on your server.. just want to ask is stat of Jewel of kondar will applied on any Socketed items?
  13. Hi did GR today after that i got coins but my stat reset back? is this normal? thanks
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