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  1. Don't worry man 😄 I am waiting since server start. All what we have is just a little hope. Good luck in game!
  2. essicek1

    new season

    It's nice that you're finally here, but I think it's too late. We, as players who have been here from the beginning, have already lost faith, because there was absolutely no information. It's sad what happened at OVH and it's good that you're back, but from my point of view as a player who was here from the beginning, it's sad to say that the server is no longer what it was.. Goodbye and good luck. /Essie
  3. When i kill lord silvester i can't port or open inventory. Can you check that please?
  4. You need pentagram. In higher maps you need only elemental dmg. So, in Lorencia bar you can buy pentagram box. Good luck 🙂
  5. Hello i saw in DL&BM 4th quest skill tree is for skill fire burst and death stab is 2x range increase. I don't know if it's your decision or not. So i decided to report that 🙂
  6. essicek1

    Bonus Coins.

    I think it's like goblin points
  7. essicek1

    Exp bug

    Hello, when i am in party and i kill bigger spot in arena i have "disconnect", but my internet is good. Can you check that? I think it's because of mega exp amount
  8. I think there is dark jewel of life. It make your item instantly +28 opt
  9. Hello, ingame player Yang told me about missing ruud slayer boots. Can you fix that? Thank you
  10. essicek1

    Ruud box

    Can you make ruud box tradeable please? I accidentally bought on my DL ruud but i want ruud for BK 😄
  11. Hello today i killed 2x god of darkness with "bug". I try explain situation with my bad english so i hope u will understand what happened 😄 I killed monsters then it said something about boss. Then everything disappeared and i was there without boss, but what is weird it said something about other player who already killed god of darkness but that player wasnt there. Next bug was with selupan. I hit him i think 4-8 times and he disappeared without a reason without drop. Maybe you should have a look in this 😄 I am sorry for my trash english btw
  12. essicek1

    PvP balance.

    True, i have almost 14gr and that wcoins what i have just from grand resets reward i think i can farm in 1-2 days. I am really curious about upcomming update, because i like masoniaMu since 2018 so i'm glad I can be here 😄
  13. essicek1

    Darkness place

    Can you add spots in darkness place?
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