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  1. Hi, I would like to propose to turn off automatic opening of the extended inventory. It covers additional part of map which is a little bit annonying to manualy close it every time I open inventory. I suggest that by default it should be closed and should be opened manually whenever it's needed. Thanks. Regards, ~Dreamer
  2. Ouh it is hard to describe what earring it was, because as I said it did not appear in my inventory so all I saw was just an icon of earring in the Item Acquired box (like on screenshot). Probably it was Left one, but I am not sure. Regarding the time it was probably somewehere around 10am-11:30am server time. Regards, ~Dreamer
  3. Hi, I was exchanging 500 coins pack at Moss NPC -> Coin Mastery Box. When it finally drew an earring it did not appear in my inventory. Looks like a wasted coins packs. Could you please investigate that? Thanks. Regards, ~Dreamer
  4. wiki07

    Talisman Of Luck

    Dear Admins, I see that Talisman of Luck is not avaliable on the server. Do you plan to add it? (e.g. in Lora bar where the rest of talismans are avaliable) Best reagards, ~Dreamer
  5. It works! Thanks a lot 💪
  6. Hi guys, I installed mu client without any problems, however after launching the game any text in game is kind of not loaded and instead of letters I see kind of "squares" everywhere. Looks like font cannot be loaded or something like that 🤔 Even when I am typing something on chat the problem is the same: "squares" instead of letters. Looking for some help 🙂 Thanks in advance! ~Dreamer
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