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MasoniaMU Support, Read it!

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Hello everyone,

To improve our response rate and reduce our problem solving time, we have implemented a support ticketing system which announces us via mail when a ticket has been opened. You can find it on the Support tab, or by clicking HERE

This helps us keep track of the server of website related issues and give us the ability to have a faster reaction time and see if some problems repeat themselves in order to take the necessary actions to prevent that from ever happening in the future.

The support system is quite easy to use, and below i will quickly show you the necessary steps:


Q: How do i find the support section?

A: On top bar, under the logo you will see 3 Buttons: "Browse", "Activity", "Support"


Q: How do i open a support ticket?

A: From the support section click on "New Request", write a title to your request-> Select the Department from which you need support (In game, website or sales).

Add the required data in the fields, and in the text box some details about your problem.

You will see that the Ingame department requires your Account and your Character name. That is to help us save time by searching for them in the database, and we do not require your in game password for this matter.

If you have printscreens or other additional files for us to review, feel free to add them to the ticket. Press Save, and voila! You will be notified for when your ticket is solved.

For any related issues or questions about the system, pm us.


Best regards,

MasoniaMU Team

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