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[Guide] Getting Started- Mouse and Keyboard

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Hello Masonians,

Below you will find some general details about mouse and keyboard shortcuts, as well as a description of the elements of the User Interface (UI)


1- Mouse and Keyboard layout (Please note that this configuration cannot be changed as it was made so by Webzen)


However, you can map whatever potion you want to the Q W E R keys, and any skill you want to the 1-0 keys

Another Example of the list of key bindings:

ESC System Menu
F1 Help
F2 Hide/Show CHAT
TAB Open/Close MAP
Q,W,E,R Health/Mana Item
T Open/Close Quests
Y Open/Close MUUN Inventory
U System
I,V Inventory
O Options
P List of Private Stores
A Master Menu
S Open Store
D Command Window
F Friend List
K Expand Inventory
G Guild Menu
Z DivinityMU Helper Menu
X X-Shop
C Stats Menu
B Gens Menu
N Matching Menu
M Warp Menu
ENTER Open/Close Chat Box
CTRL Force Attack Mode
SPACE Pick up Item/Zen

2- UI Bottom bar description


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