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Can't launch the game? Read this!

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Here are several factors that may prevent you from launching the client.

This is not a 100% complete list, and it will be suffer updates as we encounter other situations:


Issue #1 " X.dll file is detected as a Virus"

First and most common issue is that windows defender or some Anti Virus programs may find one or more files from the client as " viruses". That is called a false positive threat.

In case of such an issue the Antivirus will place the "Detected as virus" file in quarantine and remove it from your client folder, making impossible for you to start the game.

First of all we guarantee that our client doesn't have any viruses since we are using premium licenced files, not freebies from shady forums.

The fix in this case is to add the client folder to the windows defender/ antivirus exclusion list (basically to ignore the folder in scans)

The steps below are for windows defender only (windows 10), since we don't have all the anti virus softwares installed:

1. Press Start and write " Windows Defender", and select the first option called: "Windows Defender Security Center"

A window will open up that looks like this:





2. Select Virus & thread protection (First icon from the left), and it should look like this:


Virus & Threat




3: Go to Virus & threat protection settings and you will see that the 4th option is called "Exclusions". Click on Add or remove exclusions (Highlited in the picture below)





4: Click on the + Sign and select folder, then browse for your game folder and select it






And that is it.

If you have issues with other 3rd party Antivirus softwares leave a reply here and we'll try our best to sort out your problem.


Best regards,

MasoniaMU Team

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