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Guest Zz11

admin are u care all of us?


Guest Zz11

i have F.... vip and its say description

Here you can buy a VIP account and get double pleasure from the gameplay. After purchasing the VIP account, you can go to a dedicated VIP server. To benefit the in-game balance there are no main bosses on the VIP server.

- More free spots, less competition on daily events and boss raids
- You can buy all quest items in the game shop
- Gained master/majestic experience is raised by 50%
- Reset Level decreased by 20 Lvls
- Grand Reset Reward increased by 15%
- Monster HP is decreased by 25%
- Jewel drop is increased by 10%
- All chaos machine rate increased by 10%
- Golden Monsters are weak
- Cheaper prices in XShop
- Special Daily Reset Events for VIP
- In-game reset command (/reset)
- All VIP players will get special Power Buff ability. Your character will get it automatically, when entering the game.


this one doesnt work any but when i try to upgrade my erratels its gonna be fail +1? seriously rank 2? and its say xshop cheaper? its same price at normal server power buff ? where?


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First of all we will re-check the benefits from the VIP Section list to ensure proper functionality

On another hand the errtel rank up is not part of the "chaos machine rate increase" since they belong to the elemental upgrade system, a system not covered by the benefits. Nonetheless we shall increase the rates there.

The power buff is for season XVI, and we do apologise for misleading you about it.


Best regards,


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