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Infinite Conquest: ZeroKnight Claims Victory Once More at Angel or Devil Event!

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Dear faithful,

We have an important announcement for all those who believe in the King of Heaven. The Archangels have reevaluated the position of the Angel and Devil!

Attention, participants of the thrilling Angel and Devil event! It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of this epic battle for celestial dominance. Please join us in congratulating the victorious champions who have emerged triumphant in the Angel and Devil event!

Position Name Score
1. ZeroKnight 4,500,000
2. KundunWiz 3,007,500
3. ElfVuTo 2,375,000
4. orcrondMAG 2,019,703
5. Angel 1,507,500
6. GLVipPro 1,375,000
7. IBRAMON 650,000
8. PhapSuTau 250,000
9. Dyve 250,000
10. bubistroll 226,250

In the realm of celestial supremacy, ZeroKnight continues to reign supreme, unchallenged in their position. As ZeroKnight maintains their unwavering grip on the heavens, their power and authority remain unassailable. Let us acknowledge the unwavering presence and indomitable spirit of ZeroKnight as they continue to uphold their position as the undisputed ruler of the skies.

Everyone`s rewards have been added!
Good bless your soul!

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