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Hey there, been playing this server for couple of weeks now, really love it, I think it's one of the best out there.
Here is  a list of my suggestions that came to my head while playing on this server, and I truly believe that those changes will make the game even more enjoyable for others.

1) Jewel Bank - There is so much jewels combined with all the new items from season 18 that this feels like a must, they take a lot of inventory and bank space, even if you have expanded slots. It would make life easier and more comfortable for players.

2) Jewel Of Option - We have a lot of jewels but we don't have the jewel of option, having it would allow us to create full option excellent or ancient items, and have somewhat useful sets from Kundun/Ancient boxes for those who enjoy the looks of old armor sets.

3) Removing the starting ancient set -  This set from the start makes no point of opening Ancient/Kundun boxes it's better in every way and kind of kills the progression of items on the character up until blood angel set, in my opinion removing it would make players look and hunt for Ancient and Kundun boxes (Especially if we have jewel of option added)  and increase the time of character progression which is good for the game. 

4) Increasing the game FPS to 30 , it currently sits at 24 but even 6 fps difference makes the game much smoother to play, and animations of items wings look better as well. Also managing the vaults and inventory would be faster too. (compared with other clients that I have played)

5) Add gold coin value to Ancient Boxes - Just like Kundun boxes I think Ancient boxes should be worth some gold coins when selling them to traders,  right now you can only sell it for low zen amount. This would help with farming as well because recently I had 500 of them and just had to open them because there was no better use for them.

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