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    With the kind of service the admin team has done to its community, starting all over would also mean publishing with a new brand of MU. MasoniaMU would be remembered to have a team with lack of communication. I doubt Admin would like such an image, so it would be better to rebrand. I like the server gameplay, but let's be real. Telling your community to just be patient w/o ample reason as to why we are supposed to be as you demand, patient, is simply outrageous from a player's point of view. You need to communicate. You need to be connected with your community. You cannot just ghost us for days and then come back and say that population is not a problem when all the while, we players have no idea if the server has been abandoned or not. Imagine, you abandoned your duties since April 2 then you suddenly show up and react to this post at April 18 like you were never gone? For real?
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    Todavia nada. Ni el GR ni el Item shop.
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    Saludos. @Administraci贸n Al realizar el gran reinicio, manda el siguiente mensaje.. actualizando la pagina procede al reinicio. Pero la recompensa por reinicio correspondiente no es otorgada. justo realice el reinicio 32 y no se me agrego mi "Harmony pase" el premio correspondiente... (me limito a jugar reinicios, hasta que solucione problemas de recompensas de Reinicio). gracias estar茅 atento...
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    When you plan patch with spot remake? 馃檪
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    Tell me all the names of the characters where you lost HPASS (in private message if you want to be private)
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    @Administraci贸n no, nos asustes XD.. Ya volvi贸!!!
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    Ya volvio!!! Ni hablar, no es tiempo perdido.
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    SI muy buena la tem谩tica de este servidor... el @Administraci贸n dijo que no es tiempo perdido... aun creo en sus palabras XD.
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    Hello. I make a little guide for players who just started on masonia. I hope it will help someone. At first, i want to apologize for my bad english + in this guide i use information I got by playing here, so it might be not accurate. 1) In lorencia bar is NPC with 2 tab slot, in TAB 2 you can get all quest items here. 2) If you are really big beginner, buy pentagram box in lorencia bar NPC TAB1 3) For 4th quest i recomend make all stats full. Monsters is really strong there and you maybe need to kill 5minute wave more than 1 time. 4)In here is really important to make MULAH, for making MULAH is more than 1 way. Best way is killing monsters in vulcanus. Sometimes when u kill monster you can get 25 MULAH. For farm it in really nice range i recommend make MG with mastery skill Havok spear +basic pentagram. 5) If you plan to play here for long term i recommend you to make Grand Resets. There is Grand Resets reward which allow you to make high end character just by making grand resets. https://www.masoniamu.com/grandreset_reward.html If you make few GR in day you can make completely full char in just 1 month. So it depend on that how much time you have to spend for playing here. It's my all. Maybe later i will refresh this guide with new informations. I hope it will help you. Good luck! Best regards, Essieki.
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    I can't edit post, so i add it in comments. - for mulah you can buy RUUD set in website itemshop, so you dont have to grind ruud ingame/upgrade items for ruud sets you can buy in X shop too. - you can buy RUUD in x shop for mulah - for fast master level exp i recomend you to buy all possible exp boosts in X shop(panda, brown panda ring, master seal of wealth> you can buy master seals for days) + afk in spot in VIP arena, in few days u c an make max level just with this items (you must buy panda/brown panda ring every 2 hours).
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    I think luis have 4-5 chars. Maybe he asked about this because he want test what dmg in pvp he have. If not i don't know why 馃槃
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    Time will certainly not be wasted. Thank you for your involvement! I appreciate this
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    I have a same thinking. I hope our time is not wasted there. Im trying to help everyone new with everything that is possible to help with 馃槃
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    quisiera saber hasta que fecha est谩n los contratos del servicio, si ya hay planificaci贸n de actualizaciones y nueva inversi贸n monetaria para mantener servicio... (con esta incertidumbre aun sigo jugando ha ha.. espero no sea tiempo dedicado perdido).
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    Admin.. Escucharte me da esperanzas y 谩nimos de seguir... no te pierdas y mant茅n informados para evitar las incertidumbres. Pod茅s poner recompensas motivacionales en los siguientes eventos: CS, Arka, ICe Vallery, ilusi贸n temple, quiero competir con Essicek1.
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    Poner todos los rate de creaci贸n para todos los NPC 100% en VIP (ya mucha insatisfacci贸n, frustraci贸n, inactividad, que se armen full todos, quiero eventos competitivos)
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    Greetings Masonian's MU-tizen, This weekend (02-03 April 2022) get ready for a brilliant update. Huge spots, rates and many more functions. Don't forget to use actual functions like Item Shop, Item Reinforce, Extra Mastery Stats, Grand Reset Reward, VIP Benefits. Thank you for choosing our server and each contributing to what you can do to make this server as popular and fun as possible for everyone. Invite your friends to have fun together on a lifetime fun server! Best regards!
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    no puedo acceder al juego, est谩n en mantenimiento? sin ning煤n aviso no creo que sea mantenimiento. alguno puedo entrar? 1 Conectado (ficticio imagino)
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