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  3. no tiene nada que ver con el tema pero el server me desconecta dice que el cliente esta desactualizado. lo descargue de nuevo y sigue desconectandome que hago???
  4. To be honest i prefer discord. It's more user-friendly for me, when im on phone. So if you will have any questions in future, try our discord server. I am trying my best with helping every player
  5. descargue el nuevo cliente y tambien me desconecta .....el server no funciona mas????
  6. buenas tardes cuando entro al server me desconecta y dice que mi version del juego esta caducada o es antigua .....hay que descargar el cliente nuevo??? muchas gracias
  7. Pfft. I got the skill. I am missing the skill point. Anyways, what should be focused on Fourth Stats of Wizard and Knight for PvE and Boss hunting use?
  8. No, I am missing the basic skill Meteor so that I can use the RUUD Skills. I am not sure where to get it as it is not in the shops.
  9. Hello, I recently discovered this server, and despite the small number of players, it's very enjoyable to play here. So, I thought I'd suggest some improvements. 1. Allow classes other than just Dragon Knights to wear Mastery Shields. When playing as a Soul Wizard, I'd like to use these shields for specific Mastery Sets. 2. On the website, there's an option to exchange Golden Coins for Mastery Points. It would be great if something similar could be done with 4th Class Skill Enhance Points.
  10. essicek1


    Hello, i think it's still worth. We are without players, but there are still any active players ingame, so it's worth. Im +- done with gameplay, so i am only helping players on our community discord with their problems/things
  11. Hello, if you mean ruud-skill, you can find NPC in lorencia bar, where you can buy that skill for 1k ruud(ruud can be bought in x-shop, or from freebies)
  12. Where to find Scroll of Meteor for Wizard?
  13. xtluis1


    hi @essicek1 cómo va el mundo virtual, vale la pena volver?
  14. Hello, Yes, 1 random article. 80% cbace to receive RUUD and 20% items from Jewel of Harmony and below
  15. Does Grand Reset Box just only gives random from the list of items?
  16. Hello, We're reaching out to inform you about an upcoming scheduled maintenance aimed at enhancing our server performance to meet future demands. Our team is actively engaged in upgrading our hosting server to a more resilient and efficient system. While we conduct this maintenance, there might be brief interruptions in our services. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and greatly appreciate your understanding as we strive to elevate our system for an improved user experience. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Best regards, @Support Team
  17. Hey there, been playing this server for couple of weeks now, really love it, I think it's one of the best out there. Here is a list of my suggestions that came to my head while playing on this server, and I truly believe that those changes will make the game even more enjoyable for others. 1) Jewel Bank - There is so much jewels combined with all the new items from season 18 that this feels like a must, they take a lot of inventory and bank space, even if you have expanded slots. It would make life easier and more comfortable for players. 2) Jewel Of Option - We have a lot of jewels but we don't have the jewel of option, having it would allow us to create full option excellent or ancient items, and have somewhat useful sets from Kundun/Ancient boxes for those who enjoy the looks of old armor sets. 3) Removing the starting ancient set - This set from the start makes no point of opening Ancient/Kundun boxes it's better in every way and kind of kills the progression of items on the character up until blood angel set, in my opinion removing it would make players look and hunt for Ancient and Kundun boxes (Especially if we have jewel of option added) and increase the time of character progression which is good for the game. 4) Increasing the game FPS to 30 , it currently sits at 24 but even 6 fps difference makes the game much smoother to play, and animations of items wings look better as well. Also managing the vaults and inventory would be faster too. (compared with other clients that I have played) 5) Add gold coin value to Ancient Boxes - Just like Kundun boxes I think Ancient boxes should be worth some gold coins when selling them to traders, right now you can only sell it for low zen amount. This would help with farming as well because recently I had 500 of them and just had to open them because there was no better use for them.
  18. Admin

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Hello @everyone , We wanted to inform you about an upcoming maintenance activity that will be taking place to enhance our @Timgad x99999 . On August 31, 2023, at 15:00 PM (Server Time), we will be performing essential maintenance work on our systems. During this time, there will be a disruption in service that may last for a few minutes. ⏳ We kindly request that you try to be in front of your computer around the scheduled maintenance time to minimize any inconvenience. 🛠️ Once the maintenance is complete, a changelog detailing the updates will be promptly posted. We understand the importance of keeping you informed about any changes that might affect your experience. 📝 The client will be updated before the maintenance concludes. Additionally, the full client will reuploaded (you don't need to re-download the full client if autoupdate works fine). 💡 We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this disruption and sincerely appreciate your understanding as we work to provide you with the best possible service. Thank you for your continued trust and support. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to open a ⁠📩︱support-ticket . 🤝 Best regards, @Support Team
  19. xtluis1


    Buenas dias @Admin aun sin resetear los puntos de los eventos. (por favor evaluar la petición. los nuevos que llegan necesitaran mas de 2 meses para alcanzar tales puntuaciones mensuales que no se han reseteado)
  20. xtluis1


    Buenas, soy de Bolivia. al igual soy nuevo, necesito clan para dedicar tiempo al game!
  21. Hello, you start with 4th quest already evloved in your char. If you used freebies on our website, you get full stats, so you can make master level in Calmness map
  22. También puede hablar por el discord del server y tener varios medios de ayuda. si usted tener el app
  23. los pj ya estan evolucionado.. tienes q hacer creo 1 master reset para subir master lvl.. aunq en el bc te da lvl master sin hacer el master reset
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