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  1. Admin

    Server off?

    There was a communication problem between the website and the server, the connection to the database has been restored, i only need to fix server status
  2. Admin

    Question S18

    You need to register Sign of Lord
  3. Admin


    I'm here with you friends, I won't let this server die. You are wonderful and I respect you because you are still here. Can I count on you to make a top server?
  4. Admin

    Question S18

    Unfortunately, recently I had a very difficult period and some health problems. No, I will never close the server, I will try to work on it as much as I can. I want you to tell me if you have time, to make update to season 18 as good as possible, how you would like it to be configured very detailed. I owe you
  5. It's just a visual bug in the xshop text. It will be solved in the next update!
  6. Admin


    in the next update, all spots will be modified
  7. Admin

    problem q4

    Can you tell me your character name please?
  8. I use google translate and I want to understand if I understood correctly. Is the problem resolved or it still persist? I don`t understand what happens on certain browsers..., which browser has problems? Thanks
  9. Can you try now please?
  10. Admin

    Combo BM Error

    Combo can't be made if you are up on a pet
  11. The problem has been solved, the items that have not been added will be added in maximum 24 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. A procedure has been changed in the database and the grand reset function (and itemshop too) has not been updated. For this reason the automatic addition of items in gremory case, failed. Thank you for your understanding and we are glad you chose MasoniaMU. Regards,
  12. Admin

    Combo BM Error

    I'll check this out @essicek1 you have the same problem too?
  13. Admin

    Graphic PROBLEM !!!!

    Hello, Please download and install ArialUNI font. You can download it from attachament or from https://www.masoniamu.com/Downloads/fonts/ARIALUNI.TTF Have a great day! ARIALUNI.TTF
  14. Tell me all the names of the characters where you lost HPASS (in private message if you want to be private)
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