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  1. It should be automatically after relogged in. Hence, it is bugged.
  2. The gift is on the K button (if I am not mistaken) then Account tab.
  3. scsv1

    Gens Quest

    Killing Elite Ashy Bloody Witch Queen does not count on the Quest window.
  4. scsv1

    Weapon options

    Where and how to get the options that is inside the red below on the image?
  5. scsv1

    Master Skill Tree Reset

    Nevermind, I also saw it on the Buy Master Stats option. Thanks
  6. scsv1

    Master Skill Tree Reset

    I can't also find the reset item for the CTRL + A skill tree. Is it purchasable with MULAH also?
  7. Where to get/find the reset item for Master Skill Tree? Also, how to use the Elemental Charge? I have learned the skill but it is grayed out.
  8. Hi, What is the End-game set/weapon here? I already have the BloodAngel B from the MULAH shop.
  9. I found out that the MU Client needs to relaunch after doing GR.
  10. My MG already learned Havor Spear, but it was "unlearned" when I did GR. Is this a bug or there's a way of returning the skill without buying it again.
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