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    Can't make 4th class

    To upgrade rage earrings to ancestral
  2. Admin

    Dopel Ganger

    Mirror of Dimension drop in Vulcanus
  3. Admin

    Bug Tp in Arena

    Arena is only for VIPs
  4. Admin

    Bug Tp in Arena

    Do you have VIP?
  5. Admin

    GM Please help

    Hello, Please tell me your character name where you want me to move it I apologize for the delay, as he says @bukaj66 we are very busy with season 16. Best regards
  6. Do you receive 10k Coins as reward?
  7. Admin

    Divine Archangel

    Hi, Divine Weapons - Blood Castle Reward Blessed Divine Weapons ingredients - Chaos Castle Reward Best regards
  8. Admin


    Hello Norman, Thank you for choosing MasoniaMU. All accounts that are already created or will be created until the server is opened will receive the " apology" reward. Have a lovely day!
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