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  1. essicek1

    What happened now?

    Server off again?
  2. On server where you are alone 😞
  3. If that item was in gremory case, there is sadly some cooldown and then item disappear 😞
  4. essicek1

    Server off?

    Okayy. Good to know. Can we expect any changes about future update?
  5. essicek1

    Server off?

    What is happening? Some update? Or we are just done here?
  6. essicek1


    You must do resets in VIP server. In server1 it send you to lorencia after every rr.
  7. essicek1

    LVL 550+ Spots

    If you want to fast level up, just go arena and buy all possible exp boosts from X shop
  8. essicek1

    boss nixie

  9. essicek1

    boss nixie

    You must run in that "safe point" then you can kill him
  10. essicek1

    Question S18

    Don't speed up anything. I think we are waiting for long time, so we will wait another time too. Only one and really important thing is your time, so when you will finish future updates and your plan, you can make it happen. Btw we can continue our chat what we had on Discord, there you can catch me everytime. I hope your health will be better! See you later.
  11. essicek1

    Question S18

    You are still here? It's rare. I think it's only me and you in this server waiting for miracle. Sad
  12. essicek1


    But it was a good few months in this server.. Now we can only start nostalgic things to "remind" good old times on MasoniaMU
  13. I can't remember where it drop, but try raklion monsters. Or just try kill for few minutes on some spots.. arena, nixie, ferea? Idk
  14. I think its normal here. Bigger problem is that we need for DL socket shield, but it's impossible to drop that. You must be really "REALLY!!!!" patient.. Maybe in few months we will see some fixes, but now it's only time to make GR and wait for future updates 😞
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