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  1. Add shoutbox on this forum. It may be helpful for players who want to ask something. Add ambition shield in item shop please! I am farming him for months..
  2. essicek1

    Ertel level up!!!

    Ye i had same thing yesterday with my ghost horse upgrading 😄 150k mulah sent to Mars, but i have lion!
  3. essicek1


    + in new update will be new spots, so it will be better
  4. essicek1


    Now you the best/fastest way to level up your master level is arena map. There you can make max master level in few days of afk leveling, but you need all possible buffs from X shop. On sv1 is faster respawns, so it's helpful thing to know too. Good luck!
  5. But another boss monsters you can find in acheron
  6. If i can get you a tip, then making grand resets is the way, because there is grand reset rewards which is really good, so with 50GR you will make full character+ other mulah you can farm in vulcanus. To be honest, killing bosses is not worth at this moment. Maybe after some updates it will be worthy, but now it's not. Doing blood castle is not that bad idea, because you can drop blessed archangel weapon which is strong because of its buff to pvp. If you have more questions just contact me on PM and i wil answer soon as possible.
  7. Hello, try download/install https://www.masoniamu.com/Downloads/fonts/ARIALUNI.TTF
  8. essicek1


    In some maps you can move only on pvp server(server1). If you have another questions, you can send me message and when i can, i will answer you!
  9. This is really good idea, as i said many many months ago, socket system deserve to be pvp, because you have alot of things to customize by your own choice.. on ruud set its boring, all what u can do with ruud set is customizing your harmony opts, but there is nothing interresting. I hope that you will make something with server, because i am still waitin for something happen, and still nothing.. Anyway i understand that, we all have real life things to do and prefer, but remember, you have still a little community here! Don't let it die, please.
  10. essicek1

    Combo BM Error

    Last time when i tested combo, it all worked fine. So i don't know.
  11. essicek1

    Combo BM Error

    My combo: My tree: https://imgur.com/qc4LdoJ (can't upload here because it says file is too big)
  12. essicek1

    Servidor Cayo?

    When you plan patch with spot remake? 🙂
  13. *EDIT My bad, i didnt watched the whole video. It's so weird bug. @Admin can you please check this problem? It's really fatal
  14. I am not sure, but this bug may be caused by your translation to other language. Im sorry for your lost harmony pass.. I hope that will be fixed. Anyway. Next time try without any translation, maybe problem is really there.
  15. I can't edit post, so i add it in comments. - for mulah you can buy RUUD set in website itemshop, so you dont have to grind ruud ingame/upgrade items for ruud sets you can buy in X shop too. - you can buy RUUD in x shop for mulah - for fast master level exp i recomend you to buy all possible exp boosts in X shop(panda, brown panda ring, master seal of wealth> you can buy master seals for days) + afk in spot in VIP arena, in few days u c an make max level just with this items (you must buy panda/brown panda ring every 2 hours).
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