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Guide for new players(first moments in server)

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Here is my first guide for new players by me. I dont force anyone to use it, but i am sure that someone will find this helpful. There will be alot of words, so if you are impatient.. im sorry, but i tried my best to make this guide as accurate and helpful as possible


Starting here may be for alot of new players confusing. 
At first, i recommend to be patient as much as you can. 

Let's see that you can claim your freebie gift on: https://www.masoniamu.com/freebies.html  Where you can also find informations like free panda pet on npc shops, characters are already evolved and much more.

When you claim your freebies, you can also find alot of useful information in your login panel on website. For example reset/grand reset rewards, droplist, gold coins info and soon Achievments too.

Lets check ingame!

You selected your character and claim your freebie, so you have clean character with freebie gift(100,000 ruud, 20,000 bonus coins), 1st lucky set in infentory and basic pentagram, already evolved to 4th class and all skills already learned(only skills what you must learn is ruud skills) So you can buy that skill in ruud npc Priest James which is in lorencia bar. 
Now you are ready and you can go to start your gaming journey. There is alot of ways to claim ruud/gold coins. 

Easiest one is just make resets and grand resets. At maps you can find spots by open a map(TAB key).
My tip to make fastest reset is in arena map, where you find 26 spots with 20mob/spot.(Second map with 10mob/spot is karuntan2)  I just want to say that mob numbers can be different on Old-school spots, because monsters can travel, so if you choose your old-school spot, make sure that you kill all monsters in range(it may help if monster is not far away)  

*From all monsters is chance to drop gold coin from all monsters, so i suggest set up your helper to obtain them.

Second way to earn gold coins is killing bosses. https://www.masoniamu.com/coin-info.html Here is list of bosses and their gold-coin drop. From this bosses you can drop items too. Here is droplist link: https://www.masoniamu.com/droplist.html where you can after selecting Bosses in search box can see what item you can drop from boss what you clicked. Biggest benefit of killing elite monsters, bosses is that you can participate in Conqueror event(https://www.masoniamu.com/event-58.html) where you can win gold coins and on 1st place conqueror wings. For more informations about another events please visit https://www.masoniamu.com/events.html.

This was my first guide and if you have any other questions, you can message me here on forum or on discord: werd94 (also can be found in our discord server as [MOD]Alberto) To connect our discord server please use this link: https://discord.com/invite/wNz5Skms On discord is faster reply from my side and i think it may help alot of you with better communication. 

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There is also alot of shops in other maps, but main shop you can find in lorencia with alot of useful items for gold coins (Wizzard Gillard = this npc can be found in another maps too) other shops can be found in this maps too:  elbeland, lost tower, tarkan, aida, kanturu ruin, karutan, calmness.

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