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  1. kidgin


    any estimate time for update?
  2. kidgin

    Gente vacaciones?

    me either~ see any hope on server haha
  3. you can purchage skill point from web site - look for buy master stat
  4. kidgin


    hi admin. will you do something for the server? we was bit over 50 player and today only 8,,, people are leaving. and 1 of the reason is update that you was promise or fixing havent done for a week or 2 are you going to leave server like this..? we knows that you are busy on your real work or somthing else. however you spent big money to open server than please look after bit more than ever. its feels bad server loosing user day by day
  5. ok, tell me which section of xshop selling reset of 4th skill tree?
  6. kidgin

    about elf char

    yes it is. and most of stat goes to agi
  7. as title. where to buy or get 4th skill reset scroll? if dont have 1, would you please on next update etc? thank you
  8. kidgin

    about elf char

    hi admin. are you still researching what's wrong with elf? attack rate is 13582 is that nomal on maxxed stat and passive skills? too much miss on any pvp
  9. kidgin

    about elf char

    for pvm has no any issues. any mob and bosses can hunted similar as other char
  10. kidgin

    about elf char

    hi admin, can you please have a look on elf char? its 1400lv with manticore weapon + brilliant set i try to hit 1400lv with weapon but without any set on any char. damaged seems ok, but there is so much miss reading. i try with sm , kundun, bk, rf all same result which is so many miss please have a look and find for me what is the problem..
  11. kidgin

    Harmony Pass

    harmony pass. same as other cash item. has delay 2~3days... admin said they going to fix this issues. but may take longer~
  12. kidgin

    web store

    its not your fault. as admin didn't explain at xshop + they try to fix this issues
  13. kidgin

    web store

    last time when i purchase same things. have to wait for a while those items buy direct not buy mulah admin was explain sometime system need to comply with receiving of money you pay by PayPal. it take 1~3days business day so....you will need wait for sure
  14. kidgin


    simply....you will need ancient manticore set.,,( not just ex manticore
  15. ign : go2dw "dead lion"
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