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  1. thegodking


    With the kind of service the admin team has done to its community, starting all over would also mean publishing with a new brand of MU. MasoniaMU would be remembered to have a team with lack of communication. I doubt Admin would like such an image, so it would be better to rebrand. I like the server gameplay, but let's be real. Telling your community to just be patient w/o ample reason as to why we are supposed to be as you demand, patient, is simply outrageous from a player's point of view. You need to communicate. You need to be connected with your community. You cannot just ghost us for days and then come back and say that population is not a problem when all the while, we players have no idea if the server has been abandoned or not. Imagine, you abandoned your duties since April 2 then you suddenly show up and react to this post at April 18 like you were never gone? For real?
  2. could you turn non BA 2 handed weapons into 1 handed weapons so we have more to buy in item shop?
  3. but my errtels are still fire against fire. it should be fire against dark ign: Prime
  4. I posted my problem March 20 and it's already April 7...
  5. thegodking


    normal stat points? do you mean str agi vit ene cmd? it does disappear every time you grand reset, if that is what you were asking about. that has been the server gameplay ever since grand reset was enabled. If you meant master skill points or majestic skill points, then I have no idea what the actual problem is.
  6. When Elite generals spawn, please show coordinates on chat window (not global chat) so that we know where to find them.
  7. hope u could update asap.
  8. please add jewel of kundun in x shop
  9. i wasted my mulah only to end up lvling regular map
  10. please enforce this once you've updated the spot/mob.
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