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    Hey there, been playing this server for couple of weeks now, really love it, I think it's one of the best out there. Here is a list of my suggestions that came to my head while playing on this server, and I truly believe that those changes will make the game even more enjoyable for others. 1) Jewel Bank - There is so much jewels combined with all the new items from season 18 that this feels like a must, they take a lot of inventory and bank space, even if you have expanded slots. It would make life easier and more comfortable for players. 2) Jewel Of Option - We have a lot of jewels but we don't have the jewel of option, having it would allow us to create full option excellent or ancient items, and have somewhat useful sets from Kundun/Ancient boxes for those who enjoy the looks of old armor sets. 3) Removing the starting ancient set - This set from the start makes no point of opening Ancient/Kundun boxes it's better in every way and kind of kills the progression of items on the character up until blood angel set, in my opinion removing it would make players look and hunt for Ancient and Kundun boxes (Especially if we have jewel of option added) and increase the time of character progression which is good for the game. 4) Increasing the game FPS to 30 , it currently sits at 24 but even 6 fps difference makes the game much smoother to play, and animations of items wings look better as well. Also managing the vaults and inventory would be faster too. (compared with other clients that I have played) 5) Add gold coin value to Ancient Boxes - Just like Kundun boxes I think Ancient boxes should be worth some gold coins when selling them to traders, right now you can only sell it for low zen amount. This would help with farming as well because recently I had 500 of them and just had to open them because there was no better use for them.
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    It's not hard to beat him. Problem is that he is using some kind of exploit to help him with faster dmg output to you. There is problem. Its one of reasons why im not active ingame anymore. Because why? Beating him is only giving him attention, because he is mentally dead person. Btw in server1 is faster respawns, so players can easily make faster rr in arena. That's why it's better than sv3. There is alot of things that must be changed. Alot of players on this server is only macro abusers to make auto resets with party with DL + teleport. And it's so boring in my opinion. I understand that nobody have time to spend in game 10+ hours, but omg.. This game is old like a hell and cheating there is for me nonsense. I hope that one day will be masonia server strong and back. But now all what we can do is wait.
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    Greetings Masonian's MU-tizen, This weekend (02-03 April 2022) get ready for a brilliant update. Huge spots, rates and many more functions. Don't forget to use actual functions like Item Shop, Item Reinforce, Extra Mastery Stats, Grand Reset Reward, VIP Benefits. Thank you for choosing our server and each contributing to what you can do to make this server as popular and fun as possible for everyone. Invite your friends to have fun together on a lifetime fun server! Best regards!
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    Add stat change option for example 65k normal stats = 10 master level points. Will be useful for us players, and give motivation to make resets
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    Hello, i am sorry, i don't want to sound like toxic, but why do you play Mu if you are busy? You can make /reset in game and you stay in position. Thats enough to say it's really easy to make resets. I can give you a little tip. For better and faster reset you can say in chat /1 /reset, then press alt +1(skill tab number) and you can make reset only by 2 hotkey press. I am really sorry, but with auto reset will be server ruined in few moments. There is alot of things what u can do now. If you are busy, cou can offlevel or just make helper active and collect jewels, gold coins etc. If you are not busy, u can reset. But auto reset button is not good idea.
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    Will there be a chance to make sv2 respawn rate as fast as sv1?
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    + thing about PVP here. With my guild we tested most of chars on full to pvp. And only BM/RF is playable here to pvp (dmg/def). Maybe some test session to make all characters able to kill everyone. It make more fun to other players who like for example playing Elf, SM. Because now this characters can be used only as a buffers 😄
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    This guy is always online around 10:00 to 14:00 GMT. It's funny that he literally said that he's the father of all the player in Arena. 🤣
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    hi admin. will you do something for the server? we was bit over 50 player and today only 8,,, people are leaving. and 1 of the reason is update that you was promise or fixing havent done for a week or 2 are you going to leave server like this..? we knows that you are busy on your real work or somthing else. however you spent big money to open server than please look after bit more than ever. its feels bad server loosing user day by day
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    please enforce this once you've updated the spot/mob.
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    Now, if you make grand reset all stats will be wiped. But i have in plan in future update to disabed burn stats after grand reset (it is more fun)
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    Hello, I recently discovered this server, and despite the small number of players, it's very enjoyable to play here. So, I thought I'd suggest some improvements. 1. Allow classes other than just Dragon Knights to wear Mastery Shields. When playing as a Soul Wizard, I'd like to use these shields for specific Mastery Sets. 2. On the website, there's an option to exchange Golden Coins for Mastery Points. It would be great if something similar could be done with 4th Class Skill Enhance Points.
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    @Admin me asuste XD gracias. por Favor resetea el evento gens cada 7 de cada mes. va dos meses sin resetear puntuación gens. (el evento es mensual y si quieren permanecer siempre primer lugar deberán invertir tiempo en las misiones por puntos gens cada mes). saludos, éxitos a todos...
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    Here is my first guide for new players by me. I dont force anyone to use it, but i am sure that someone will find this helpful. There will be alot of words, so if you are impatient.. im sorry, but i tried my best to make this guide as accurate and helpful as possible Start. Starting here may be for alot of new players confusing. At first, i recommend to be patient as much as you can. Let's see that you can claim your freebie gift on: https://www.masoniamu.com/freebies.html Where you can also find informations like free panda pet on npc shops, characters are already evolved and much more. When you claim your freebies, you can also find alot of useful information in your login panel on website. For example reset/grand reset rewards, droplist, gold coins info and soon Achievments too. Lets check ingame! You selected your character and claim your freebie, so you have clean character with freebie gift(100,000 ruud, 20,000 bonus coins), 1st lucky set in infentory and basic pentagram, already evolved to 4th class and all skills already learned(only skills what you must learn is ruud skills) So you can buy that skill in ruud npc Priest James which is in lorencia bar. Now you are ready and you can go to start your gaming journey. There is alot of ways to claim ruud/gold coins. Easiest one is just make resets and grand resets. At maps you can find spots by open a map(TAB key). My tip to make fastest reset is in arena map, where you find 26 spots with 20mob/spot.(Second map with 10mob/spot is karuntan2) I just want to say that mob numbers can be different on Old-school spots, because monsters can travel, so if you choose your old-school spot, make sure that you kill all monsters in range(it may help if monster is not far away) *From all monsters is chance to drop gold coin from all monsters, so i suggest set up your helper to obtain them. Second way to earn gold coins is killing bosses. https://www.masoniamu.com/coin-info.html Here is list of bosses and their gold-coin drop. From this bosses you can drop items too. Here is droplist link: https://www.masoniamu.com/droplist.html where you can after selecting Bosses in search box can see what item you can drop from boss what you clicked. Biggest benefit of killing elite monsters, bosses is that you can participate in Conqueror event(https://www.masoniamu.com/event-58.html) where you can win gold coins and on 1st place conqueror wings. For more informations about another events please visit https://www.masoniamu.com/events.html. This was my first guide and if you have any other questions, you can message me here on forum or on discord: werd94 (also can be found in our discord server as [MOD]Alberto) To connect our discord server please use this link: https://discord.com/invite/wNz5Skms On discord is faster reply from my side and i think it may help alot of you with better communication.
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    No Hay valientes? parece que me tiemblan haha XD
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    still going good🤣
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    Now you the best/fastest way to level up your master level is arena map. There you can make max master level in few days of afk leveling, but you need all possible buffs from X shop. On sv1 is faster respawns, so it's helpful thing to know too. Good luck!
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    @dovax Discord y te muestro mi problema.. buenas noches@ Administración por favor creas canal de voz en discord.. Need canal de Voz en Discord para interactuar.
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    ¡Quizás no entiendas bien acerca de mu online ss17! Artículos completos, todos los trucos no funcionarán La diferencia radica en el pentagrama. Consulte mi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA8C5gBEjUvUkfFa-gCdoAA para comprender mejor el juego.
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    BTW arena sv1 top right spot is another macro user. But im not reporting that anymore, because nobody care about it 🙂
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    Busca en Racklion o selupan Con suerte cae el 380.. y la evolucionas... Yo te vendo en 100k Mulah (sin Seed) ya sabes que soy carero XD
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    Thanks for the immediate actions, Masonia MU Team!
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    Saludos. @Administración Al realizar el gran reinicio, manda el siguiente mensaje.. actualizando la pagina procede al reinicio. Pero la recompensa por reinicio correspondiente no es otorgada. justo realice el reinicio 32 y no se me agrego mi "Harmony pase" el premio correspondiente... (me limito a jugar reinicios, hasta que solucione problemas de recompensas de Reinicio). gracias estaré atento...
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    Combo can't be made if you are up on a pet
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    vengan a por mi o me tienen miedo XD
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    Tell me all the names of the characters where you lost HPASS (in private message if you want to be private)
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    I think luis have 4-5 chars. Maybe he asked about this because he want test what dmg in pvp he have. If not i don't know why 😄
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    Admin.. Escucharte me da esperanzas y ánimos de seguir... no te pierdas y mantén informados para evitar las incertidumbres. Podés poner recompensas motivacionales en los siguientes eventos: CS, Arka, ICe Vallery, ilusión temple, quiero competir con Essicek1.
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    Go noria npc> regular combination and put fire dragon seal there, u will see what happen next🥰
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    Hi, 3 Harmony passes have been added to your account
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    hope u could update asap.
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    Hard to kill some 1 with that items eaven if you have sockets
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    lorencia pasi the mage 4th tab
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    U can buy it in itemshop, and then upgrade up to brilliant set.
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    I'm still working right now. it is very difficult with so many items: D
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    Hello, In few hours. We prepare all prices
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    We are still working at the system. We will announce more details when we are almost done, because we don't want to gife false info.
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    Errtels lvlups is low rate, i only make 2 lvlup and 3 got fail , can u make the errtel lvup more high for vip?
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    Please add a 1 day option for VIP status. It's okay if a per day would cost more in the long run than getting 7 or 14 days subscriptions. I'm guessing it's not only me but some of us would only be privileged to play on weekends and wouldn't want to waste our precious mulah.
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    Ok my bad, i have to equip moonstone pendant to enter event. 😄
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    Be very careful that the item is with luck. From ruud npc, luck is random, in case you receive without luck, you can use jewel of luck.
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    Yeah, I thought that maybe with wings it's something different. But when I lost this bloodangel staff today...come on 😕 50k ruuds do not come for free. If it's not 100% chance for every combination or there are some excludes then it would be nice to know.
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    hey ... first of all the half of the character aren't balanced yet for example Gun Crasher does 30k to 40k at ferea or niexies while the kundun mage does 500k to 1kk. Now if you want to make the server a bit differed from the rest you can make custom Wings / weapons / sets or maps (like boss zone where someone can farm Mulah / jewel of kondar / jewel of kundun / Ruud ) or you can add a custom bosses that drops ancients set or weapons like bloodangel / darkangel / holyangel etc.
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    All spots will be remade in the near future updates.
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    https://community.masoniamu.com/index.php?/topic/280-day-2-changes-and-fixes/ Relax dude and HF!
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    When buy mulah pile 10 , it gives u mulah pile 100
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    I posted my problem March 20 and it's already April 7...
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    i used but it's the same fail..fail , and it will add another 50k mulah for talismans
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