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    Dear Friends, With 2020 now gone in some parts of the world we would like to welcome 2021 by wishing you a Happy New Year, and happy holidays along your family, friends and loved ones, and may the best things happen to you in the upcoming year. We would like to thank you for being here and supporting us, either by just playing or by reporting bugs and issues with the server. You are our MvP’s and we would try our best to exceed your expectations. Best Regards, Sovereign & Cerberus!
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    Hello, Please check now, your character should be in lorencia bar
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    working on a new update. Give them time will definitely help you solve your problem 🙂
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    You can move it around, like to the bottom right of your window.
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    It's because of your Raven. Don't use the Raven to attack, it won't give self defense then.
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    Dear Admins, I see that Talisman of Luck is not avaliable on the server. Do you plan to add it? (e.g. in Lora bar where the rest of talismans are avaliable) Best reagards, ~Dreamer
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    Hi, i understood your problem, and we’ll check out why they dissapear suddenly.
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    I happen to like the progression ways here. It's just that doing it the GR way is quite useless, compared to boss/golden monster farming. I'd understand if GR rewards would increase like 40% or 50% per GR, then it can compare to boss/golden monster farming. Right now, that 10% is not doing anything. ^^ With the time I waste on GR, which gets longer and longer, it doesn't even compare to just farming boss/golden monsters. I managed 550k coins with boss/golden monster farming yesterday. To do that with GR, I'd have to spend a week, lol.
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    Hi Rhappy, Shmav here. Unfortunately the server configuration is a big mess. I stopped playing because on this server you'll get rewarded by "playing less". Meaning the only meaningful thing for equip grind is just go around and kill bosses and gold monsters. Guy with 0 reset althought full stats is going around with full equip after 2 days since the initial start - this should be unacceptable. MU was always about grinding which in reward gave you the opportunity to kill high lvl monsters. This is unfortunately very hard to balance in high exp server but as I said earlier - rewarding players for "playing less" is just so dumb. Hopefuly this will be somehow fixed in the future and I also think the new S16 should have wipe. I could agree that this was some sort of test server and getting the configuration ready for S16. Have a nice day Regards Shmav
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    Hi, We'll check it out and include it in the fixes when we update to s16. Best regards, MasoniaMU Team
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    Seems that you have your answer from essicek1 🙂 Indeed the damage is countered by the mastery gear sets
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    Hello Masonians, We have started work to the new version of Season XVI Part 1-2. Any issues that are not game breaking will be solved with the update. Please be patient, and let us know what doesn't work or you think needs changing and we'll discuss about it. To be able to finish the update in a timely manner we will dedicate our attention to the work that needs to be done. This means that our response rate may be a little bit slower, but we will solve all of your issues. The schedule of the update date will be announced next week. Best regards, MasoniaMU Team
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    Hello, BloodAngel set LVL requirement is 400 but you cannot wear it even if you have 400 ML. To wear the set you need to be 400 LVL. So ML has no effect on it.. This is bug and should be fixed otherwise BloodAngel and other RUUD sets are irelevant... Thanks Regards Shmav
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    I take it back. All the ancient options work even from 1 lvl. You can close the thread. Thanks.
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    Hi, Please install ARIAL UNICODE font to mitigate the problem. I attached it in this reply. ARIALUNI.TTF
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